Random weekend boredom

I spent yesterday making a christmas calendar for a friend of mine. It's not very pretty but it's about the funniest calendar ever with very pretty photos :-----D

Since I haven't been in the mood for studying (like I ever was)  I've done some reading and I noticed that all the stuff I'm reading at the moment is on different language: Futurama in Spanish, Donald Duck in Swedish, The Old Man and the Sea in Finnish, and A Clockwork Orange in English (A Clockwork Orange almost counts for reading a book in Russian since I can't understand half of the imaginary slang the characters in the book use... It's mostly based in Russian :--D)

Gosh I don't think any of these sentences are written correctly and tomorrow's exam is........ english. Maybe I'll give the english book even one chance since it's the last exam of this exam week...♥


Living in the past/future

I'm already excited about next summer and I can't wait for all the festivals to publish their performers!! If there is any band I like performing on any festival I'm going :-----D  

Pics from Ilosaarirock 2009.

Ps. Toivottavasti Aada hyväksyt nää ;___;


Way back

I scanned some awesome old pictures! You'll see a lot more of these in the future....



My super sweet seventeen

I'm avoiding studying for exams so I went through some pics and I just love these pictures from my birthday.

Six more months and I'm 18!! How scary is that?


Today's school outfit

The pic isn't great but I just had to share this with you :-------D

 We had this "slow-day" today at school and we were supposed to wear PJs or something casual. Our lessons were shorter, we didn't really study much, we just watched videos and had one very strange math lesson just chatting with the teacher. We also had longer lunch break and the school's band played some songs on the longest break. I had lots of fun and found out that carrying a huge teddy with you everywhere you go is pretty damn useful sometimes.


Today I noticed it's really winter again

Pics from last winter just becose I'm lazy. And afraid of hypothermia.

Tomorrow I'm going to school wearing my PJs! Yay!




Today I received a box full of chocolate (I won a competition). All the chocolate bars are not in the pics, we were way too greedy :---D