Random weekend boredom

I spent yesterday making a christmas calendar for a friend of mine. It's not very pretty but it's about the funniest calendar ever with very pretty photos :-----D

Since I haven't been in the mood for studying (like I ever was)  I've done some reading and I noticed that all the stuff I'm reading at the moment is on different language: Futurama in Spanish, Donald Duck in Swedish, The Old Man and the Sea in Finnish, and A Clockwork Orange in English (A Clockwork Orange almost counts for reading a book in Russian since I can't understand half of the imaginary slang the characters in the book use... It's mostly based in Russian :--D)

Gosh I don't think any of these sentences are written correctly and tomorrow's exam is........ english. Maybe I'll give the english book even one chance since it's the last exam of this exam week...♥

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