As this year is practically over I tried to create some sort of overall look at it, here it goes!

I had (like always) some trouble deciding a hair color, hehe.

 I danced wanhat (gotta love this Finglish).

 I visited Stockholm with my friends and Italy with my mum.
I had a great time in Provinssirock and Ilosaarirock, and went to many gigs during the year.

I finally plucked up my courage to get a smiley in June.
 I went to a super awesome summer camp in July, and met a ton of cool people from different countries. (These pics were stolen from Juuli, Marta and Klára, hope you don't mind hehehe)

I spent time with my friends and got to know a lot of new people as well.

Overall 2011 was actually pretty amazing, one of the best years of my life so far. I turned eighteen, got a driver's licence and made it through the first matriculation examinations (L&C, yay).

It's funny how I always feel so hopeful when a year is about to change. So beware 2012, I have huge expectations for you.


Nocturnal inspiration

Last night I accidentally made a few light sticks glow, so I decided to do some experiments with them. I still have no idea how to use my fancier camera (...and I could only find the instructions in Swedish...) so these were taken with the old one. Sometimes I find it fun to act all artsy fartsy.


Supernova quality

I have wanted to show some pictures from my cell phone's memorycard for a long time, and here they finally are! I have Nokia Supernova 7210 with 2.0MP camera so don't expect anything too good :D

First of all, about 50% of the pictures is about my face :D:D It's just an easy way to check how my hair etc is, and then later it's fun to laugh at how stupid I've looked over the years. Like with pink hair. The other pic is 2½ years old, but my hair looks really cool in it, hehehe. I'm too lazy to do my hair anymore, booo.

I've had this phone for almost three years now, so it's full of pictures of fun memories. I use to go through them when I'm bored.

There are certain things I always have to take a picture of with my phone when I see them. Those things are airplanes, mist and ducks. My memorycard is full of those things. Don't ask me why, I have no idea.

Do you guys use your phone's camera as much as I do? :D


A Native American

Yesterday we had a fun school event where the theme was something like "Wild, wild west". I was dressed as an indian! Too bad I had to take these pics in a hurry, you can't really see my outfit, I was wearing that huge poncho and beige corduroy pants. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! The after party thing was especially interesting, I finally got to taste some absinth ahaha...


Every monkey'd like to be in my place instead of me, cause I'm the king of bongo, baby, I'm the king of bongo bong

It's always so much fun to go through old pics, even though usually the only thing I can think about is "have I actually had hair like that? o_o" hehehe. Here are a couple of pictures I chose randomly.
What do you think about blogging old pictures like these? :)


Musty mermaid

...I wonder if the fact that I dye my hair way more often than write anything to my blog is normal ahaha...

Anyway, I dyed my hair (partly, as you see) more than two weeks ago, and at first it was really bright blue/turquoise like in the first picture. Now it has faded a lot and looks almost green :D Even though I like it either way I'll probably dye it again this week. For once I feel like I found a haircolor that somehow makes me look like myself. It's great.

Any opinions?



Today it was really beautiful outside, here are two quick snaps from our frontyard!

I've been thinking about changing this blog's language to Finnish like it was in my old blog.
Any opinions on that? 

(I wonder if I should be worried about being so bored with the English language since I'm kind of planning to apply to study English philology in a university, ehh :D)


Something irrelevant

I dyed my hair (twice) so now it's a bit blonder and hopefully the color is more even. It has a hint of baby pink in it! Next I'll experiment with blue, yay!

And then two random pictures of my shelf. Nothing too exciting. One day I'll learn to use my camera. One day I'll blog more often. One day I'll have a good blog. One day, one day, one day.

Do you have any wishes for my blog? I'll take pictures of the Wholesale package... one day.


En un parque infantil

Scarf-Jim&Jill, Dress-H&M, Tights-H&M, Jacket-Citymarket, Necklace-DIY

 A more creative way to show you what I was wearing today! ...not, I just like climbing things ahaha... We took some pictures with a friend of mine and it was freezing out there! How am I supposed to make it through the winter, booo.

Anyway, I was wearing brownish contacts and I think I look really weird! Can you guys even tell the difference?


Stars and Stripes

I ordered some clothes from Wholesale7 and these awesome shoes were a part of the package that arrived yesterday! They're so pretty and surprisingly comfortable despite the insane height of the heels. I'm just a little unsure where and when could I wear these...

Tell me what you think about them!

Ps. haha Ulriikka I hope you read this, they sure remind me of you!



I'm finally done with matriculation exams this fall! They went pretty well (I hope) so now it's time to do nothing at all, just like my calendar told me to do last weekend. Also, we went to see Pendulum (DJ set) last Friday and it was fun fun fun (...like all Fridays :----D thanks a lot Rebecca Black).


I like food

Pointless, I know, haha. Just felt like it.


Hei tule tyttö minun ponin kyytiin, saat kunnon salamaponiajelun

Yesterday was pure awesomeness! Aaa is there anything better than Ukkosmaine?♥

Ahaha I hope you noticed how Klaus has just less and less clothes in each picture :D


A boom shakalaka a boom shake shake

I got a new camera on Monday (Canon EOS 1000D) and here are some of the first experiments with it. I'm still a bit confused about taking pictures with it since my old camera was nothing like it. But hey pay attention to my awesome raincoat!

And yaay tomorrow I'm going to see two of my favorite Finnish artists/bands, Ukkosmaine and Jukka Poika, click them and listen to some awesomeness!


Whoopsie Daisy

I tried to dye my hair baby pink.

Now it's very pink. Go ahead and tell me what you think about it! :D



I got the first film of Lomography Fisheye camera developed last week! The quality of the pictures isn't really this bad, our scanner just happens to kill everything I put in it, boo.

Overall I was really happy with the pictures. Too bad most of them weren't the type I would put here so you'll just have to settle for these pictures of, well, mostly trees :D Haha, enjoy!

Ps. The picture of the pear tree is from our backyard and the cherry trees are from Stockholm!


We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn, burn motherfucker, burn

Few random pictures of a very random night at the end of July. It was awesome though, thanks for coming Saara and Aada! ...hope you don't mind me putting these pics here :D

All of these pics were taken with Saara's camera, by Aada and Saara! (...and they're all edited by me, I've gotten really excited about editing pictures way too much. I hope your eyes didn't die).