Make-up stuff for Wanhat part 1 of 2150975

I chose the eyeliner after a lot of testing (just check my hand) and it seems really great, I'm happy! I still have way too much stuff to buy (and learn to use) before Wanhat, maybe you guessed it from the title :D

Ps. Does someone know if the brush needs to be washed right after use, every single time? :------D ...just that I'm really lazy and don't have any extra time in the mornings...



Your facebook profile photo

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Your newest purchase

The prettiest fisheye filmcamera ever+ few other things from Urban Outfitters.
A photo of the last place you went on holiday 

A photo of your favourite part of your room
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...everyone would hate me if I put even one of them here :------D

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Fight Club, Se7en, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare Before Christmas (3/5 musicals...)
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I couldn't think of anything else than eating, sad isn't it?
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Two great things about today!

I ordered a cool Hell Bunny dress about a week ago from eBay, and today I found it waiting for me on the kitchen table... just look at the print! ♥_♥

..it's awesome!! The top is a little bit loose, but it's okay with the straps that I took off for these pics. I do prefer the dress strapless so I'll probably just narrow the top a bit.

The other great thing about today is that I went to the hairdresser to plan and test my hairdo for Wanhat and it was fun, even though I have absolutely no small talk skills ...and the hairdo kinda died before I even got home because it wasn't really even ment to last (and the weather was awful).

Ps. Sorry for the ugly pics, it was almost impossible to take pictures of myself outside because it was so windy, inside it was too dark, and in the last picture I just look...dead.


Randomly random randomness

...I just noticed that my toes are ugly...

(These spanish candies were gross :-----<

I'm already worried about Monday morning, I'm not gonna make it... I have to wake up seven hours earlier than I'm used to at the moment :-----D Maybe (just maybe) I'll be able to pull it off with the help of that lamp-slash-alarm-clock-thingy-thangy (posing with me in the last pic) I got as a Christmas present  It's supposed to wake me up when it's too dark to get up, but I'm not sure if I believe in it...

Ps. I made myself a formspring account, go ask me stuff here! You can also find the link on the sidebar------->


Los niños tiran nieve en vez de calaveras

I'm still a bit angry at my camera so I just felt like posting some more old pics.

The last one must be the funniest picture ever........all I can say is "When you see it..."



Earlier today I took pics of my christmas presents and other new stuff and now I came to put them here but the pics had disappeared from my memory stick! Older pictures didn't go anywhere and one new picture is shown but can't be opened... Even the camera doesn't show those pictures anymore, but taking new pictures works just normally.

(This pic is here just to tell you how annoyed I am... :-------D)

Has something like this happened to you? Are my pictures gone forever? :------( Help me!!