Make-up stuff for Wanhat part 1 of 2150975

I chose the eyeliner after a lot of testing (just check my hand) and it seems really great, I'm happy! I still have way too much stuff to buy (and learn to use) before Wanhat, maybe you guessed it from the title :D

Ps. Does someone know if the brush needs to be washed right after use, every single time? :------D ...just that I'm really lazy and don't have any extra time in the mornings...

4 kommenttia:

  1. Ei tarvii pestä joka käytön jälkeen, mutta kunhan edes pari kertaa viikossa :--)

  2. Ano- okei hyvä kiitti, toi kuulostaa jo ihan mahdolliselta :----D

  3. kiva blogi! :DD