Dance dance

I finally took the time to put some pictures of Wanhat here for you! Most of the good pics are by Saara (in a green dress!) and the not so good ones are by my mum, tehehee.

I had to do my make-up in a hurry, because the hair-do took longer than I expected, but I think they both turned out pretty nice! My shoes were comfy and their laces only opened once while dancing... After that I remembered to do a double knot! :D Now I should really go and get started with school stuff but I'm afraid that will never happen... I have been trying to start doing them the whole weekend, boo.



Today's make-up look:

...lovely, isn't it? Kiitti abit.

And here are the ingredients for tomorrow's... I'm so going to fail.


All of a sudden I have eyebrows

...and they sure scare me...
Ps. I also dyed my hair purplish!



Oee, it's only one week until Wanhat! I hope I haven't forgotten anything important :D I still have to learn how to use all the make-up stuff I've bought.. Anyways, I decided that I want red lips even though they might not be the best choice with my haircolor (which will change on Sunday). I just really like the way they look.

 Yesterday I bought (well first I bought it, then I noticed that I had -20% discount coupon, so I returned it and then I bought it again... lol) this denim-shorts-overalls-thing from H&M and I think it's really cute! I look like a five-year-old or Bob the Builder but it's okay... :---D

 Now I'll continue the evening with few Toaster Tarts and lots of make-up... I'll try to take pics of the products and post them here too! :)