When I lose my cool I don't know what to do

Weezer-Freak Me Out
Something weird must be happening, two outfits in a row? I quess every time exam week comes I try my best to do anything but study. I'm getting a bit too good at it.

Denim shirt-Lindex
Socks-A friend made them for me
Skeleton guy-From my aunt

Ps. Listen to that song I put in the beginning (I finally managed to make it flat, haha) I love it!


I feel like nothing ever will

I really hate hate hate taking outfit pictures. But today I tried!

Cardigan- Vero Moda
Skirt- Mango
Top that actually is a dress- Gina Tricot
Tights- H&M
Moustache- Seppälä

Ps. fuck you tights :(


Even bad wolves can be good

Sorry for the long silence! Lately my life has been pretty weird and I haven't taken any pictures at all... Anyway, I wanted to show you these supercute things Saara brought me from Japan! ♥

Hello Kitty Pockys (for sale in Japan only, haha), pen, rubber and eyelashes :3 Tehehee thanks again!

Today I also received this awesome System of a Down t-shirt I bought from eBay! It was shipped all the way from Thailand but the shipping was free and only took five days... weird but I'm not complaining :--D I just might make it sleeveless since lately I've found wearing men's t-shirts sort of annoying...

I hope I'll remember to show some sewing stuff here later on! I have very interesting projects going on :D


The tattooed mistakes are gonna fade over time

(Haha I still don't remeber how to link a song from youtube... flat :----D)

 Oldies again! I hope you're not really fed up with me putting these pics here so often.. Going through them is way too much fun.