When I lose my cool I don't know what to do

Weezer-Freak Me Out
Something weird must be happening, two outfits in a row? I quess every time exam week comes I try my best to do anything but study. I'm getting a bit too good at it.

Denim shirt-Lindex
Socks-A friend made them for me
Skeleton guy-From my aunt

Ps. Listen to that song I put in the beginning (I finally managed to make it flat, haha) I love it!

2 kommenttia:

  1. hehe mulla on samanlaiset legginsit ja elloksesta 8D

  2. Satzu- hohoo, mie hankin ne joskus yläasteella kai enkä oo käyttäny melkeen yhtään mut ne on kivat :3