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My fav song when I was six:
Juice Leskinen - Syksyn sävel

This is my very first favorite song as far as I can remember. I seriously loved this. I used to drive everyone crazy listening to the same old song nonstop.

My fav song when I was eight:
Anssi Kela - Nummela

I still know half the lyrics! Brings back memories.

My fav song when I was ten:
The Offspring - Walla Walla

...luckily I never understood the lyrics... The Offspring has been one of my favorite bands since I was ten, and I still love it. Weird.

My fav song when I was twelve:
Eminem - Puke

 Isn't it lovely? Well okay I know it's gross but I still kinda like it, haha. I still know way too many Eminem's songs from the beginning to the end.

My fav song last year: 
Tears for Fears - Mad World

My fav song at the moment:
Mr Bungle - Pink Cigarette

One word: perfection. (No wait, two words: Mike Patton!)

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