A very random video

The quality of the video completely died for some reason, boo! 

We were talking such chibberish with Aada that I decided that you don't need to hear it :D Instead you can enjoy the song Hadouken! - Get Smashed Gate Crash.

Ps. I feel deep hatred towards all video editing programs arrrrrr and mosquitoes:

 Thanks. Just thanks.


"I'm not eighteen yet!!" -party

...well actually I am eighteen now, scary. 

But I wasn't 18 on Tuesday when I had my "I refuse to grow up" -party with a few friends! I looked absolutely ridiculous in my Bodyline dress.

I made the dress a little shorter since I liked it better that way, surely I wasn't smart enough to take a "before" picture but you can see the difference to this pic that I took from Bodyline's website.

 We ate a lot of unhealthy yammy stuff.

Operation: get to the roof!


Ps. Sorry about being so lazy with this blog, I even did this post only to avoid schoolstuff for a while :D Maybe I'll find more inspiration during summer that's almost here! ♥