New skirt(s) from Helsinki

Ahaha please ignore that stupid smirk I got on my face! I already had to censor my face in the other pic, I'm having a bad facial expression day or something. :D 

The red white-dotted skirt is from Mic Mac and the black tulle petticoat is from Cybershop but they're both Hell Bunny.



I turned eighteen about two months and two weeks ago, and had my birthday party two months and a week ago but... here are some pictures from the party! Haha I'm so quick with these things.

This night was really awesome, even though everything didn't go the way we had planned it (:D) and most of us got at least some kind of injuries, sorry guys, our house is dangerous! All the pics are taken with Saara's camera and I think most of them are also taken by her!

aaaaa I really need a night like this before last year of school starts, yikes!


If you knew me like I know myself you'd hate me like I hate myself

A couple of pictures from a Saturday few weeks ago. I guess I forgot to show them here earlier, or maybe I was just embarrassed to admit that I actually wore that dress in public :---D But don't worry guys, I just wore it in a small anime/manga/cosplay/idk event here in Joensuu.

Ps. The title's lyrics are from this song: 

Bloodhound Gang - Jackass


Rok rok

I made a Pokémon dress last friday/saturday morning, and I wore it this weekend in Ilosaarirock. It turned out alright even though I didn't follow any instructions or even plan at all before cutting the fabric (that I ordered from eBay). :D


Lite svensk

Today I finally passed my driving test, yay! In order to reward myself I bought this Marimekko shirt. Love it.