I got the first film of Lomography Fisheye camera developed last week! The quality of the pictures isn't really this bad, our scanner just happens to kill everything I put in it, boo.

Overall I was really happy with the pictures. Too bad most of them weren't the type I would put here so you'll just have to settle for these pictures of, well, mostly trees :D Haha, enjoy!

Ps. The picture of the pear tree is from our backyard and the cherry trees are from Stockholm!


We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn, burn motherfucker, burn

Few random pictures of a very random night at the end of July. It was awesome though, thanks for coming Saara and Aada! ...hope you don't mind me putting these pics here :D

All of these pics were taken with Saara's camera, by Aada and Saara! (...and they're all edited by me, I've gotten really excited about editing pictures way too much. I hope your eyes didn't die).


My room

Today I felt like taking pictures of my favorite parts of my room. My camera almost managed to drive me crazy, I think I need a new one. Soon. Daaad?
1. Postcards, mainly from Postcrossing
2. My door is full of pictures of awesome people! ...and also some of me haha
3. Perfumes...and a Super Mario mushroom :D
4. "Book"shelf that still needs a lot more CDs and DVDs...and maybe a couple of books too