I like food

Pointless, I know, haha. Just felt like it.


Hei tule tyttö minun ponin kyytiin, saat kunnon salamaponiajelun

Yesterday was pure awesomeness! Aaa is there anything better than Ukkosmaine?♥

Ahaha I hope you noticed how Klaus has just less and less clothes in each picture :D


A boom shakalaka a boom shake shake

I got a new camera on Monday (Canon EOS 1000D) and here are some of the first experiments with it. I'm still a bit confused about taking pictures with it since my old camera was nothing like it. But hey pay attention to my awesome raincoat!

And yaay tomorrow I'm going to see two of my favorite Finnish artists/bands, Ukkosmaine and Jukka Poika, click them and listen to some awesomeness!


Whoopsie Daisy

I tried to dye my hair baby pink.

Now it's very pink. Go ahead and tell me what you think about it! :D