En un parque infantil

Scarf-Jim&Jill, Dress-H&M, Tights-H&M, Jacket-Citymarket, Necklace-DIY

 A more creative way to show you what I was wearing today! ...not, I just like climbing things ahaha... We took some pictures with a friend of mine and it was freezing out there! How am I supposed to make it through the winter, booo.

Anyway, I was wearing brownish contacts and I think I look really weird! Can you guys even tell the difference?


Stars and Stripes

I ordered some clothes from Wholesale7 and these awesome shoes were a part of the package that arrived yesterday! They're so pretty and surprisingly comfortable despite the insane height of the heels. I'm just a little unsure where and when could I wear these...

Tell me what you think about them!

Ps. haha Ulriikka I hope you read this, they sure remind me of you!



I'm finally done with matriculation exams this fall! They went pretty well (I hope) so now it's time to do nothing at all, just like my calendar told me to do last weekend. Also, we went to see Pendulum (DJ set) last Friday and it was fun fun fun (...like all Fridays :----D thanks a lot Rebecca Black).