Every monkey'd like to be in my place instead of me, cause I'm the king of bongo, baby, I'm the king of bongo bong

It's always so much fun to go through old pics, even though usually the only thing I can think about is "have I actually had hair like that? o_o" hehehe. Here are a couple of pictures I chose randomly.
What do you think about blogging old pictures like these? :)


Musty mermaid

...I wonder if the fact that I dye my hair way more often than write anything to my blog is normal ahaha...

Anyway, I dyed my hair (partly, as you see) more than two weeks ago, and at first it was really bright blue/turquoise like in the first picture. Now it has faded a lot and looks almost green :D Even though I like it either way I'll probably dye it again this week. For once I feel like I found a haircolor that somehow makes me look like myself. It's great.

Any opinions?



Today it was really beautiful outside, here are two quick snaps from our frontyard!

I've been thinking about changing this blog's language to Finnish like it was in my old blog.
Any opinions on that? 

(I wonder if I should be worried about being so bored with the English language since I'm kind of planning to apply to study English philology in a university, ehh :D)


Something irrelevant

I dyed my hair (twice) so now it's a bit blonder and hopefully the color is more even. It has a hint of baby pink in it! Next I'll experiment with blue, yay!

And then two random pictures of my shelf. Nothing too exciting. One day I'll learn to use my camera. One day I'll blog more often. One day I'll have a good blog. One day, one day, one day.

Do you have any wishes for my blog? I'll take pictures of the Wholesale package... one day.