As this year is practically over I tried to create some sort of overall look at it, here it goes!

I had (like always) some trouble deciding a hair color, hehe.

 I danced wanhat (gotta love this Finglish).

 I visited Stockholm with my friends and Italy with my mum.
I had a great time in Provinssirock and Ilosaarirock, and went to many gigs during the year.

I finally plucked up my courage to get a smiley in June.
 I went to a super awesome summer camp in July, and met a ton of cool people from different countries. (These pics were stolen from Juuli, Marta and Klára, hope you don't mind hehehe)

I spent time with my friends and got to know a lot of new people as well.

Overall 2011 was actually pretty amazing, one of the best years of my life so far. I turned eighteen, got a driver's licence and made it through the first matriculation examinations (L&C, yay).

It's funny how I always feel so hopeful when a year is about to change. So beware 2012, I have huge expectations for you.

5 kommenttia:

  1. hihihi friends-photoista 3 neljästä miun kamerasta (relevantti kommentti indeed) ja rakastan tuota fisheye-tukholmakuvaa <3! :-----)

  2. vuosi 2011 oli oikeesti aika huippu! :---)

    ja itken verta mun ottaletin takia, ei ei....

  3. Saara- !!! miun piti laittaa että kopiraitit saaralle, mut unohdin! pahoittelen! ja mieki hehe!

    Sonja- jep! ja äläs nyt :-----D

  4. miulla joku forever alone-moment menossa tuolla toverikuvassa....... mut jeee kivoja kuvia ja vuos itse kullakin! :))


  5. moniavioinen anonyymi- hehe oot just ihana siinä! ja kiitän!