A Native American

Yesterday we had a fun school event where the theme was something like "Wild, wild west". I was dressed as an indian! Too bad I had to take these pics in a hurry, you can't really see my outfit, I was wearing that huge poncho and beige corduroy pants. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! The after party thing was especially interesting, I finally got to taste some absinth ahaha...

5 kommenttia:

  1. Aww ihanat maskeeraukset! Absintti on kyl aiiika jännää tavaraa. :D

  2. Torstai- aww, ite oot!

    Selma- haha kiitos, ja oli kyllä :D:D

  3. First off: had no idea you blogged! :DD this is EPIC.
    Secondly, that is the Lithuanian flag upside down on your face there. Made me a patriot again ;)

  4. Albatross- haha your comment made me feel so happy! :D:D and that's so cool, we tried to figure out which country has those colors in their flag but we didn't get it :D Lithuania, obviously :'D